Monday, June 10, 2013

More photos from our European Adventure

the inconvenience in Copenhagen

the lovely family

Nick had trouble fitting into the we shrunk him!

the star fish catcher

on the west coast of Sweden

together in Tansen... and now in Sweden

Nick had some rudder trouble.

Josh found a great tree.

the sheep in Sweden seem to be very approachable

Nate at the camp fire; is he trying to light his hair on fire?

Josh loved catching crabs...with just a piece of string and some clam bait.

Good friends!

the lovely house we stayed in, in Sweden, on the coast

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It can't all be sunshine and chocolate.

We had a wonderful time meeting so many Beines in Germany.  You see, David's grandfather had two brothers.  One went to America, like he did.  The other stayed in Germany.  The brother who stayed in Germany had eight children.  The youngest of those eight is very close to David's age.  He has been coordinating our family visits and spending hours translating between English and German.  His wife keeps the boys well supplied in delectable treats; they think she is wonderful .  His nephew and wife hosted us; it is no easy task to host seven people.  They were wonderful to us.  We all enjoyed time together one evening over bratwurst and BBQ pork and chicken, plus many delicious salads.  We also got to go out to one family member's farm, complete with horses, dogs and rabbits...and delicious sweet snacks.  We got to see the showroom for doors; they have a construction business that specializes in doors.  

So, we set off this morning to begin making our way to Sweden, where we will meet our friends who used to live next to us in Tansen.  We are meeting at their cabin near the sea.  We planned to make a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark for the night.  When we got to town, the traffic was thick.  We missed one exit and found ourselves at a standstill on the highway, due to traffic.  The next moment: boom.  The car behind us did not calculate well for the stopping traffic and when the driver looked back to change lanes, she hit us.  We are fine...just a big dent in our rental car.  Her air bags deployed and her windshield was cracked.  Thankfully, neither she nor her husband were injured.  So, you isn't all sunshine (which we have enjoyed for three days) and chocolates.  Anyway, we can still drive the car, so we are going to press on to Sweden and try to finish our trip.  The car company said this is okay if we feel that it is safe.  Dave and I took the car for a spin this evening; we went out to complete the detailed accident report (which went well, with the other driver assuming responsibility) and all seems fine.  We hope that the hatch closes tomorrow, when all the bags are inside.  If it doesn't, then I guess our day will be spent at the repair shop tomorrow.  Please pray for our wisdom as we respond to this inconvenience.  We are very thankful that nobody was injured.

That's the update,