Friday, June 25, 2010

Coming to our U.S. home

We've made it to our U.S. home!  It was wonderful to hear Nate say, while we were on one plane flight, "We are always going home, either our Tansen home or our Spokane home."  What a blessing for these two parents to see how much GRACE has been poured out on all of us in the midst of our new nomadic lifestyle!  These are some pictures of how the Beines make the 12-time-zone jet lag adjustment; stay awake in the daytime by staying in the sun, and what better place than the southern California beach!
One great highlight to the return home was being reunited with our golden doodle dog, Snickerdoodle!  We are so thankful to the Wordell family who has generously loved him in our absence.  When we picked him up, they suggested that we talk about "joint custody," as they also really love him.  We are so fortunate that Snickerdoodle seems very content with this whole arrangement.

We are trying to catch up with the pace of life here in the U.S.  One of our friends who has done plenty of overseas living made a comment that really resonated with us: "Life overseas is hard and simple; life in America is comfortable and complex."  So true!  So, David is working hard to prepare lectures for his upcoming teaching, even through the blurry vision that comes as a result of the worst case of "pink eye" that he has ever had.  I am re-establishing our Spokane home routine, while hosting friends of the boys, and trying to decide where to interview for a new job (the company I used to work for has gone out of business in my absence).  Nick had his first speaking engagement this week at our church's Vacation Bible School.  He gave a powerpoint presentation four times, and did a wonderful job.  The other boys are rediscovering all the toys that have been in storage for six months, and reorienting their taste buds to such delights as cow's milk, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream!  Overall, we feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to serve our God in two very different locations in His world.  Thank you for your interest in our adventures.

Much love from the Beine Bunch (Kimberly)