Monday, April 30, 2012

What missionary kids living in the mountains of Nepal do for fun on a Saturday afternoon; "pine needle sledding."

This is what missionary kids do for fun on a Saturday afternoon in Tansen, Nepal.  The pine-covered  hill above the Tansen Mission Hospital gets covered with pine needles this time of year, making for good  pine needle sledding.  Just grab some cardboard, a big plastic bag, a big plastic basin or a large metal bowl and you are ready to go have some fun.  No long lift lines here!  

More pine needle sleeding fun!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Thank you for praying!  Joshua is fully recovered; it was simply a minor concussion.  We are thankful.  I slept so much better last night.

Are you interested in better understanding the work that has gone on in Nepal over the past half-century?  Our family is reading a book entitled At the Foot of the Snows, by David E. Watters.  It was written by some of our colleagues (David’s sons finished the book after David went home to the LORD).  It is challenging us in our faith and encouraging us in the amazing character of God.  I encourage you to read this book, which is also available on Kindle, if you want to better understand this country where we seem to be repeatedly drawn into service.

One final note:  We have been hearing all about new Bible dedications.  Some of our colleagues have spent over 40 years translating the Word of God into languages for very remote peoples in Nepal.  For one group, after the Bibles were printed, they were loaded onto the backs of donkeys, to be carried out to the villages.  We saw films of the donkeys crossing narrow suspension bridges, where the suspension wires were too close together for the donkeys to cross.  Young men perched themselves ahead and behind the donkeys spreading the wires apart by stretching their bodies horizontally across the bridges.  The crossing was a success and there was great rejoicing in the villages when the books arrived.  The other side of the globe might be quite different than your locale, but the Word of God is relevant and brings great joy there too!  Praise God!